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Comments on the Five Points of Calvinism

Comments on The Answers Book

Creation as presented in the Bible and to Common Sense

Evidence that Evolution is wrong

Comments on various books by the Evolutionist and Atheist, Dr. Richard Dawkins
(including The God Delusion and
The Greatest Show on Earth)

The Doctrine of the Trinity and Related Teaching – Book IV

This book includes the following:-

Comments on Christianity Restored by Michael Servetus  Parts I,II,III and IV
Comments on The Eternal Sonship of Christ
Comments on My Lord and my God
Comments on an article entitled The Virgin Birth and the Person of Christ
Comments on Names of Divine Persons
Comments regarding Christ's qualifications for being the sin-bearer

The Doctrine of the Trinity and Related Teaching – Book V

Comments on The teaching of the Jehovah's Witnesses
Comments on Types of Christ and the Holy Spirit
Comments on Christ and Creation
Comments on the doctrine of Eternal Sonship Comments on the Analogies between Adam and his Descendants and Christ and His Father
Comments on keeping within the limits of the truth as to the Person of Christ

The Doctrine of the Trinity and Related Teaching - Book VI

Comments on the Parable of the Prodigal Son

Comments regarding the way to deal with persons skeptical of the fundamentals of the Christian faith

Comments on Christmas Carols

Comments on the preaching of Heaven and Hell

Comments on the Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax-gatherer

Comments on the encounter of Philip with the Ethiopian Eunuch

Comments on the Lord's Prayer (so-called)

Questions with Answers from the Bible (JND Translation)

Lessons in Ezekiel

Lessons in Jeremiah