The  majority  of  the  following pieces were written  in  the  last  twenty  years,  though a few were written about ten years earlier.

For  present purposes a  few  amendments  have  been  made,  but  the  chapters are  substantially  the  same  as  originally  written.  Some  remarks  may  now  appear  somewhat dated,  such  as  the  reference  to  conditions  in  Albania.  This has been deliberately left in place (see page 99).

Because    of    the    length    of    time    involved    there    are    probably    some inconsistencies in the use of capital letters.  Generally these have been used for God and personal pronouns referring to Him.

Although   the   book   has   been   divided   into    two   parts,   there   is   no    rigid distinction.  Nature  and  the  Bible  are  referred  to  in  both  parts,  though  the  Bible  is  more prominent  in the first  part  and Nature in the second.


The evolutionist does not admit that intelligence was involved in the creation of the

Cosmos:  he assumes everything came into existence by mechanistic processes.


The  creationist  is  liable  to  give  the  impression  that  he  believes  everything

came  to be  by  a  sort  of  magic:  that  God  just  said  a  few  words  and  the

Cosmos came to be without any real work being involved.


However,    Scripture    teaches   that    wisdom,   understanding   and   knowledge

were involved  in  the  creation  of  the  heavens  and  the  earth  (Proverbs  3:19/20) and that work was done (e.g.  Psalm 19:1).

Read on for detailed consideration of the whole matter.


January 2010